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Monday 18th January 2010

  • Preparing for PHP6

    PHP6 is due for release in early 2010. Anyone that remembers the release of PHP5 will no doubt be wondering what's in store for them, and the web sites they've created. While most hosting providers will not upgrade in the near term, it is wise to be aware of the issues surrounding a milestone release of this popular web scripting language.

    A lot of PHP6's new features are available in PHP5.3, such as name-spacing and late static binding, and those that are already making use of these features will have an easier time migrating to the next version of PHP.

    In addition to these new features, there are some changes that may still affect your code. Many of the things the programming community felt PHP did incorrectly have been fixed or deprecated, and those who squeezed through the PHP4 to PHP5 upgrade path are advised to pay particular attention to these.

    Make sure you're prepared for these changes and learn about the juicy, and not to juicy additions to the language.

    At 11:30am to 11:55am, Monday 18th January