London Web Standards: Web Standards Education schedule


  • A Web Sized Education Problem

    by Chris Mills

    Opera's Chris Mills (@chrisdavidmills) presents "A web sized education problem", talking about what the real issues are, why web education has ended up like, the solutions the web industry is working on to counteract this, and how everyone can get involved and help.

    Coverage video

  • Teach every child about Web Standards

    by Anna Debenham

    This evening we will give you the lowdown on the state of web education, what the main problems are, what solutions we’re moving towards, and how you can help. Why are graduates not coming to the web industry with the real world skills they need to get a job? Why are a lot of young geeks turning their back on education and going it alone? How can the community help to turn this state of affairs around? This evening we will answer these questions and more.