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laura moreno

mother, web design, photography, learn, teach, life, a smile, the sun.

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Marcus Alexander

Works at EMC Consulting and runs up (and down) mountains. bio from Twitter


Makes websites. Rides Bikes. Developer on @GOVUK.

Faruk Ateş

Designer, developer, entreprenerd. Creator of @Modernizr, co-founder of @Presentate & @OneWebForAll. “Activist for justice” is my middle name.

Mehmet Duran

Developer in the Accessibility Team at @gdsteam. Ex Home Office, MoJ, R/GA and Multimap. bio from Twitter


Front-end web developer with a passion for HTML, CSS, Sass, JavaScript & jQuery. Currently working at The Guardian.

Morena Fiore

Web Developer, jewellery maker @my_kodes, foodie and @webstandards co-organiser http://kodesaccessories.etsy.com bio from Twitter

Michelle Adams

Agile. UX. Research, stories, IA, sketches, wireframes, prototypes, usability, accessibility, measurement. Agile + UX = fab. Expect the odd comment about shoes. bio from Twitter

Kornel Lesiński

AKA porneL. Speaking about the web stack from HTTP up.


British law student → game maker / front-end web developer. Last: Vancouver. Now: San Francisco. bio from Twitter

Steve Workman

London Web Standards Organiser, Occasional speaker, web perf advocate and Head of Web Engineering @Yell bio from Twitter

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Peter Fletcher

Other Peter Fletchers are available. bio from Twitter

justin avery

RWD on http://rwd.is. Design & produce premium pocket notebooks http://backpocket.co, web performance engineer at https://simplethin.gs bio from Twitter

Simon Cox

I have built and managed websites for work and pleasure since 1994. I evangelise web standards, love using ExpressionEngine and am part of CroydonCreatives.

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☯Evil Jim O'Donnell

Professional cynic but my heart's not in it. Web developer for the Zooniverse (@the_zooniverse), @webstandards organiser, @AmnestyUK activist. bio from Twitter

Stephen Fulljames

Web developer @redbadgerteam. Atom wrangler @narrow_planet bio from Twitter

Jeff Van Campen

Immigrant, husband, father, product manager, runner, swimmer. bio from Twitter

Steve Gibbings

Freelance Web Designer and Developer living and working in London bio from Twitter

Andy Hume

Engineering at Brandwatch. Formerly Twitter, Guardian, Clearleft, Microsoft, Multimap.

Prisca Schmarsow

webdesign - love it - do it - teach it bio from Twitter

David Powers

Writer of books on PHP and Dreamweaver bio from Twitter

Katarzyna Stawarz

Catless cat lady. Choi-Kwang Do instructor. Cake addict. PhD student at @uclic interested in technology, habits, and medication adherence. bio from Twitter

Rob Enslin

Experience Designer (XD / UX), Mentor, UX Joburg founder, Consultant and ThoughtWorker, helping to solve problems in Africa through design bio from Twitter

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Nick Smith

I work at @GDSteam. Stuff like @GOVUK, Service Manual, agile buildings, data scientists. @webstandards supporter. Lots of topics nick@nicksmith.co.uk bio from Twitter

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London Web Standards

Monthly London meetup for people who are passionate about the web. Check our site for videos from our events, and details of the next meetup. bio from Twitter

Harry Jones

Co-Founder & CPO of Top10. Lasers in the jungle. bio from Twitter

Daniel Knell

Artisan of Code, Developer Ronin, and Friendly Giant

Peter Gasston

Web dev, speaker, author of The Book of CSS3.

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Arran Ross-Paterson

Organiser of Event Handler. Make things on the internet & small screen. I have a passion for semantic pies and accessible cocktails.

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