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I don't want to live on this planet anymore. bio from Twitter

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Jay Zeschin

Technologist // Skier // Ultrarunner // Aspiring Adventure Junkie Director + Developer at @modeset_ bio from Twitter

Andy Delcambre

I love whisky, food, snowboarding, rock climbing, backpacking, travelling and bike riding. I also work on http://gist.github.com at http://github.com. bio from Twitter

Peter Hellberg

Ruby and Go developer, Mac convert, Linux aficionado and Boulder climber. app.netizen — Photo projects: http://500px.com/peterhellberg and http://black-white-city.tumblr.com bio from Twitter

Ben Atkin

Microposts about node.js, ruby, web development, freelancing, data, computer science, free software, literature, music, and the outdoors. bio from Twitter

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Jay McGavren

Author of the O'Reilly book, Head First Ruby. If you're confused by any aspect of the book or just have comments, I'm here to help! bio from Twitter

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Jim Weirich

Ruby Enthusiast bio from Twitter

Prakash Murthy

Ruby on Rails Freelance Developer. Runner. bio from Twitter

Chad Fowler

CTO @6wunderkinder, former SVP Technology at @LivingSocial + CTO @InfoEther, author, technologist, consultant, speaker, teacher, musician, organizer bio from Twitter


Get over it! I am.... bio from Twitter


founding fellow of entryway software and seedleaf bio from Twitter

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CJ Kihlbom

Co-founder of @varvet (formerly known as @elabs), organizer of @shipitconf, @nordicruby and @truenorthconf. bio from Twitter

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Marty Haught

Husband, Father of 2, Software Developer, Entrepreneur, Boulder Ruby, mountain.rb, Haught Codeworks, Triathlete, Foodie, Outdoorsman and Lover of life. bio from Twitter

Jake Sutton

Bon vivant, raconteur, man about town and homebody. I can cook and mix cocktails with the best of them. Building the web & living the life in Boulder/Denver bio from Twitter

Nick howard

Aspiring programming language nerd. Ruby, Mirah, Java etc. Also I like to fence, sing and play video games bio from Twitter

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