Sessions at NY Web Performance Group: December 2010 about Meebo and Widgets

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  • Building Fast 3rd-party Webapps: Lessons learned from the Meebo Bar

    by Marcus Westin

    If the Meebo Bar is slow, hundreds of unforgiving partner websites and hundred of millions of users are affected. However, time spent on optimization is time away from feature development, and if we fall short on feature parity we lose market share to our competitors. As a result, it is crucial that we make good decisions about what and when to optimize. “Building Fast Webapps, Fast” tells stories of good and bad decisions we have made when faced with performance challenges for the Meebo Bar. Interlaced with high level optimization guiding principles, it is intended to be a fast-paced and fun story of how to take ownership of your web product’s performance.

    Coverage slide deck