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  • Open Source and the Open Social Web

    by Evan Prodromou

    Email had Sendmail, and the Web itself had Apache. Open Source software has been instrumental in the development of every revolutionary communications technology on the Internet. In this talk, StatusNet founder Evan Prodromou will discuss the state of the open social web and how projects like StatusNet, Elgg, WordPress, and Drupal are working to make a distributed and open social network across the Internet. He’ll discuss security standards like OpenID and OAuth, as well as real-time publishing systems like PubSubHubbub and Salmon, data structures like Activity Streams as well as application suites like OStatus.

    At 3:45pm to 4:30pm, Tuesday 1st June

  • OAuth: an Open Specification for Web Services

    by John Jawed

    As the world of Web Services API grows and the demand to share user data across multiple providers rises, so does the need for user security and standardization for developers. In 2006, grass root contributors and a community banded together to build a specification to address a fundamental problem: “how do we share user information without compromising the user?”. A year later, the OAuth specification was formalized to answer this fundamental question for Web Services API’s. Today, OAuth is the API delegation standard of choice for major service providers such as Google, Twitter, Netflix, and Yahoo!.

    OAuth is great for users but it’s also a great opportunity for developers! Because OAuth is an open and well supported standard, developers can learn once and then leverage that common knowledge across multiple facets. This talk will delve into the history of OAuth, the details of the specification, and example consumer PHP5 implementations. Netflix and Twitter will be the focus of the consumer implementation. The session will also touch upon the new OAuthProvider implementation for PHP5 as well as the upcoming OAuth 2.0 specification.

    At 4:45pm to 5:30pm, Tuesday 1st June