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  • The Return of Command-Line Kung Fu

    by Hal Pomeranz

    The Linux/Unix command-line is an amazingly powerful programming environment. Mastering its functionality can make you enormously more productive. Hal Pomeranz, co-author of the weekly "Command-Line Kung Fu":http://blog.commandline... column, returns with even more command-line tips and tricks that will make you gasp with amazement and squeal with delight.

    In this episode:

    • Fun with FIFOs
    • Crazy output redirection stunts
    • Manipulating timestamps for fun, profit, ... and EVIL!
    • Why sed is your friend
    • ... and much, much more!

    Last year's talk can be found "here":http://www.deer-run.com/~hal/Unix_Command-Line_Kung_Fu_(OSBridge).pdf -- the proposed presentation will contain entirely new material.

    At 10:00am to 11:45am, Tuesday 1st June

    Coverage note

  • Creating Embedded Linux Products with OpenEmbedded

    by Scott A Garman

    Getting started in embedded Linux development can be intimidating. Every hardware device vendor seems to have its own embedded Linux distribution and way of developing for it. OpenEmbedded is a framework for creating highly customizable embedded Linux distributions. It provides a well-designed build system and cross-compilation environment to developers, and a robust package management system for setting up and maintaining your embedded Linux system.

    Find out why OpenEmbedded is taking the embedded world by storm and improving the lives of embedded Linux developers.

    This presentation will be accessible to a wide developer and IT audience. Some knowledge of how Linux distributions are put together will be helpful, but not essential.

    At 2:30pm to 3:15pm, Tuesday 1st June