Sessions at Open Source Bridge 2010 about Puppet with notes

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Thursday 3rd June 2010

  • Puppet for Beginners

    by Teyo Tyree

    Puppet is a popular open-source configuration management solution. It’s written in Ruby and in use by organizations around the world to manage their assets more cheaply, more effectively, and with a view to delivering a higher quality of service.

    Puppet is one of the easiest infrastructure tools you’ll ever use but it’s still helpful to have a hands-on introduction to how to get started. This tutorial doesn’t cover the deep technical details but allows you to focus on doing useful work as soon as possible.

    In the course of the tutorial you’ll be exposed to most of the tools and configuration you will use in a functioning Puppet installation. By the end of the tutorial we’ll produce a simple Puppet architecture that can manage a few key services and applications. We’ll also demonstrate some of the more interesting problems Puppet simplifies solving and give you pointers towards developing more advanced Puppet patterns.

    At 10:00am to 11:45am, Thursday 3rd June