Sessions at Open Source Bridge 2010 about Parallels and Tutorials with notes

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Tuesday 1st June 2010

  • Multicore Haskell Now!

    by Don Stewart

    Haskell is a functional language built for parallel and concurrent programming. You can take an off-the-shelf copy of GHC and write high performance parallel programs right now. This tutorial will teach you how to exploit parallelism through Haskell on your commodity multicore machine, to make your code faster. We will introduce key parallel programming models, as implemented in Haskell, including:

    • semi-explicit parallelism via sparks
    • explicit parallelism via threads and shared memory
    • software transactional memory

    and look at how to build faster programs using these abstractions. We will also look at the engineering considerations when writing parallel programs, and the tools Haskell provides for debugging and reasoning about parallel programs.

    This is a hands on tutorial session: bring your laptops, there will be code!

    At 10:00am to 11:45am, Tuesday 1st June

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