Sessions at Open Source Bridge 2010 about web comics and Algorithms on Wednesday 2nd June

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  • Serialist: lazy web-crawling in Haskell

    by Jamey Sharp and Josh Triplett

    We'll present "Serialist":http://serialist.net, our site for keeping track of the webcomics and stories that we read.

    We implemented Serialist entirely in Haskell. Serialist demonstrates functional web-application development, web crawling and scraping, distributed architecture in Haskell, and interesting graph algorithms.

    Other sites exist for tracking webcomics updates, but require manual intervention from a moderator or administrator, often involving writing new page-scraping code for each serial. Our graph algorithms let us accept user submissions for new serials to crawl, making them available immediately. Haskell allowed us to concisely express our graph analyses, and run them over a lazy link-graph of the Internet.

    At 3:45pm to 4:30pm, Wednesday 2nd June