Sessions at Open Source Bridge 2010 about Design and Hardware

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Tuesday 1st June 2010

  • Housetruck: Building a Victorian RV

    by John Labovitz

    As a "software person," I found the hard technologies of building with steel and wood made for a very different creative and hacking process. At the same time, I discovered many parallels to software development, embedded hardware, and even open-source philosophies.

    I'll talk about my methodology of finding inspiration, determining values, establishing functions, researching materials and methods, finding domain experts, building the structure, and solving problems. I'll also present some ideas to "sensorize" and network the vehicle, while keeping true to the overall design philosophies.

    Inspired by gypsy caravans, British "showman's wagons," 1960s housetrucks & buses, Japanese architecture, and rustic shacks, the 8'x14' cabin is handmade of steel, wood, and wool, and is mounted on an Isuzu NPR truck.

    With luck, the housetruck will be present onsite for touring and as a host of possibly the tiniest hacker lounge ever.

    At 4:45pm to 5:30pm, Tuesday 1st June