Sessions at Open Source Bridge 2010 about Activity Streams and socialweb

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Tuesday 1st June 2010

  • Activity Streams, Socialism, and the Future of Open Source

    Drawing inspiration from my popular SXSW talk on ActivityStreams, I'm going to take it a step farther and demonstrate how all this "open, social web" stuff applies to — nay, shall define! — the future of open source community collaboration mechanisms, and our ability to move faster, quicker, and more intelligently than any of our proprietary counterparts.

    Of course this can't be accomplished alone, so maybe I'll pull in some good ideas from Kant, Nietzsche, Stalin and other inspirational figures... or not... but the point is: the future of open source lies in how well we leverage and exert our influence through social channels.

    And since I've been working on opening up and interoperating (yes, that's a verb) the social web, well, I might as well talk about how I see this all relating to the future of open source and how we get sh*t done!

    At 1:30pm to 2:15pm, Tuesday 1st June