Sessions at Open Source Developers' Conference 2010 about Forms and Perl

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  • Dr HTML::FormHandler or how I learned to stop worrying and love the web-forms

    by Toby Corkindale

    Form Handling in Perl - How to make it so cool all your developers will want to be doing it.

    This talk will be an improved version of a talk I gave at Melbourne Perlmongers in 2010, with added funny pictures, pop-culture-references, bad puns, and less pointing at big blocks of Perl code.

    This talk will cover web application development using HTML::FormHandler, a Perl library that harnesses the power of Moose's object system and combines it with DBIx::Class's ORM system. The result is a terrifyingly flexible, yet powerful, way to present and validate complex forms within your web applications.

    The talk will cover the benefits of using OO techniques to build forms, custom field types, rendering methods, database integration and a little bit on ajax integration.

    Coverage video