Sessions at PICNIC'10 about Amsterdam and Urban Informatics and Internet of Things with slides

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Thursday 23rd September 2010

  • Urban Lenses Lab

    by Anab Jain, Usman Haque, Tom Coates, Matt Cottam and Adam Greenfield

    How do you experience the city surrounding you? As a series of buildings and streets, or a collection of data and connected objects? During the Urban Lenses Panel, a collection of experts will explore the city as they see it – combining services, sensors, objects and data.

    After a brief introduction, each of the panels will give a 10-minute talk about the city of Amsterdam, exploring its past and future, as seen through their own particular lens. They will then join together to discuss how these lenses overlap and what it means for our city.

    This session is moderated by Adam Greenfield, and will feature experts in the following areas:

    Anab Jain, Superflux, on services
    Usman Haque, Pachube, on sensors
    Matt Cottam, Tellart, on objects
    Tom Coates, on data

    At 3:45pm to 5:15pm, Thursday 23rd September

    Coverage slide deck