Sessions at Podcamp Topeka on Saturday 6th November

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  • How to Market Your Stuff to Online Forums and Communities (Keynote)

    by Patrick O'Keefe

    Having managed online communities for 10 years, I’ve seen every type of effort by people and companies looking to tap into the community that I have built. From the disgustingly unethical to the best practices, I have seen it all.

    I’m not just a community manager, but a business person, as well. The audience of an online community has value that can be tapped into. But, it must be done in an ethical, appropriate manner. Otherwise, you risk backlash and potentially irreparable damage to your brand.

    We’ll step through all phases of the issue. Why does one want to market to online communities? How do I find the community that is right for my message? Once that is established, what are ethical methods of reaching it, both free and paid?

    If free, how do I participate as a marketer, in an ethical manner without pushing the guidelines? Should I include my site or link in my posts? Are all communities the same? If paid, who should I contact? What should I keep in mind?

    Steeped in real world experience, this session will draw from examples and lay out the blueprint for ethical marketing to online forums and communities.

    At 9:15am to 10:00am, Saturday 6th November

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  • Experimenting in Social Spaces

    by Patrick O'Keefe

    Experimentation is what allows you to become greater and to become more than what you are now. In this breakout session, we'll discuss the importance of experimentation in social spaces (and in life).

    On Saturday 6th November

  • Moderating an Online Forum

    by Patrick O'Keefe

    What does it take to moderate an online forum? How do you maintain consistent moderation strategies across a team of moderators? What do you do when someone violates your community guidelines? We'll answer these questions and more during this breakout session.

    On Saturday 6th November