Project Automation Experience 2010 schedule

Friday 3rd December 2010

  • Case Study: Spring Projects on Gradle

    by Chris Beams

    Over the last year, many of SpringSource's open-source projects have made the move from both Ant and Maven to Gradle.

    This session will explore the reasons for this decision, benefits realized, and problems encountered. You'll see how we've achieved a concise and reusable, yet easily extensible build toolkit suited for the complex project automation needs of open-source projects.

    At 3:30pm to 5:00pm, Friday 3rd December


  • From Maven 2 Gradle

    by JBaruch

    So, you want more from your build, but want to spend less on migration? Here's a session for you - Migration from Maven2 to Gradle: the easy way.

    We'll build a migration todo list, overview existing technological solutions, and see how we can migrate existing builds with minimum effort. During this session you'll see how to create a basic Gradle script out of a pom.xml file, how to extend it replacing the functionality of Maven plugins with Gradle tasks and plugins and how to keep your Gradle build compatible with other Maven projects/modules it interacts with. You'll learn everything you need to know if you are currently using a Maven build and want to get started on Gralde.

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  • Java Build Automation Tools Jungle

    by JBaruch

    It's amazing, but true - for a very long time "the enterprise language of the new century" didn't have a decent build automation tool. We had imperative-only Ant, then declarative-only Maven2, but both not without significant downsides. As usual, a gloomy present leads to a brighter future and today we witness great developments in the build automation tools industry.

    During this session you'll get a comprehensive overview of today's tools, including what's good, what's bad and what's ugly in Ant and Maven2. Next we will define what we expect from the perfect build automation tool, and then dive into the sea of various tools, rating each one according to those expectations.

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