Sessions at RubyConf India 2010 about Entrepreneurship and Ruby

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  • The Big Wave of Indian Startups - (Almost) Effortless Entrepreneurship using Ruby

    by Pradeep Elankumaran

    India's up and coming startup culture is one that's been long-overdue. While the country's large pool of talent and artistic minds is primed nd ready for starting up hundreds of innovative web companies, the reality is that not many exist, and the ones that do rarely compete on the global stage. While the problems facing new companies in India are well-known, there are alternatives to going the 'traditional' startup route.

    This open-ended talk will put forth some new techniques for Indian entrepreneurs to compete globally, by leveraging agile and rapid development efforts using Ruby that directly appeal to cash- and time-strapped founders. There will also be some discussion on growing your startup, finding good developers, helping build a community of like-minded individuals locally, and pointers to next steps. The last quarter of the talk will be an open-mic Q&A session that will help directly identify pain points for entrepreneurs in India and possible solutions to the same.

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