Sessions at RubyConf India 2010 about Ruby and GlassFish

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  • GlassFish supports multiple Ruby web frameworks ... really?

    by Arun Gupta

    GlassFish is an open source and production-quality application server with full enterprise support from Sun Microsystems. In addition to traditional Java EE applications, it allows applications developed using different Ruby frameworks to be easily deployed as well. The choice of application frameworks is also available for Groovy/Grails and Python/Django apps and can be easily extended further.

    This talk will demonstrate how GlassFish provides an extensible framework that allow applications created using different Ruby frameworks can be easily deployed. The attendees will learn the different deployment models available in GlassFish through live coding examples and several customer use cases of Rails deployments on GlassFish. The talk will show how Rails, Sinatra, Merb and any Rack-based framework can be easily deployed on GlassFish. It demonstrates how popular Rails applications can be easily deployed on GlassFish without any modification, and shows how GlassFish Gem can be used as an effective alternative to WEBrick, Mongrel, and other traditional deployment models.

    It also explains the inner workings of GlassFish so that developers understand what’s happening under the hood. It will explain how standard Java monitoring technologies like JMX can be used to monitor/manage these applications.

    The session also demonstrates how NetBeans provides a comprehensive IDE for developing, running, and debugging a Rails application directly on GlassFish – all without using any Java code.

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