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Akira Matsuda

Rails committer. Ruby committer. amatsuda on GitHub. Founder of Asakusa.rb ( http://asakusa.rubyist.net ). Freelancing in Tokyo. 松田 明 bio from Twitter

Tony Pitale

Ruby developer @LivingSocial, photog, balboa & lindy dancer, winemaker & enthusiast, Hokie...

Coby Randquist

ruby evangelist, founder @confreaks - opinions are my own not those of my employer - @salesforce bio from Twitter

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Michael Granger

Ruby hacker at NewRelic. RPG fan. Believer. Cook. Beebedkneemaker


I don't want to live on this planet anymore. bio from Twitter

Jonathan Wallace

A full time rubyist since 2007, I enjoy mentoring, organizing, and speaking about ruby, rails, and good software design.

John Ashenfelter

ruby developer, father, technologist, craftsman

Dan Croak

Anything's possible. bio from Twitter

Lynn Wallenstein

I don't do web stuff at @GitHub .. caffeine junkie, electro music fan and web standards advocate.

Aja Hammerly

Developer at Substantial bio from LinkedIn

Keita Urashima

Chief Programmer at Eiwa System Management, Inc. Ruby, Funtoo Linux, Tiling Window Manager, Kinesis Contoured Keyboard. bio from Twitter


五十嵐邦明 / Kuniaki IGARASHI 株式会社 spice life のRailsエンジニア。珈琲と植物とボドゲとカメラと卓球好き。 facebook: http://www.facebook.com/kuniaki.igarashi bio from Twitter

Nic Benders

General Purpose Engineer at New Relic bio from Twitter

Kakutani Shintaro

Rubyist-ist, Señor Organizer of RubyKaigi, WIP man, Leanbellion, Agile Jedi Knight (http://youtube.com/watch?v=qLfcmZN56xw), その正体はパートタイムのオッサン bio from Twitter

John Athayde

VP of Design at CargoSense, producer, musician, ui/ux/graphic designer, front-end developer, author of The Rails View

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Piotr Sarnacki

Javascript and Ruby programmer, Rails contributor, happily working in Travis CI bio from Twitter

Jonathan Rudenberg

Developer, security researcher. Currently building Tent, the decentralized social web: http://tent.io bio from Twitter

Tammer Saleh

Developer, Speaker, Author


@Rails core member, @RailsGirls mentor, Master's student in computer sciences at @UNorte. bio from Twitter

Diego Caliri

Software Developer, Musician. No blog, no website. Eventioz's crew member... bio from Twitter

Chris Meiklejohn

hacker @basho. grad student @browncsdept.

Matt Raibert

I tweet about food, movies, programming and my feelings. bio from Twitter

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Tim Felgentreff

Phlebas the Phoenician, a fortnight dead bio from Twitter

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Brian Ford

freedom, peace, equality, justice, atheism, anarchism, rubinius, art, design, experience, whisky and whiskey bio from Twitter

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The Konstantin

CTO & Co-Founder at Travis CI

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