Sessions at RubyNation 2010 about RailsĀ 3

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  • Deciphering Yehuda

    by Gregg Pollack

    Yehuda Katz has done some great Ruby refactoring for Rails 3 over the past year, but do you really understand what he's done? In this talk, Gregg Pollack will attempt to examine Yehuda's work, identify and deconstruct each programming technique that he's applied, and then teach them in a way that everyone can understand.

    Some of the techniques to be discussed will include: Method Compilation vs Method Missing, Decoupling Components, Embracing Rack, alias_method_chain vs super, Abstract Classes, and Componentization.

    Attendees should walk away with a greater understanding of some advanced Ruby design patterns and a better insight into the internals of Rails 3.

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  • Rails 3: Living in the Future

    by Jeremy McAnally

    There's a lot of Rails 2.x series code floating around. This talk is a practical walkthrough of how to upgrade an app to the upcoming Rails 3 release, as well as a look at some of the new features that can be used to improve existing codebases.

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