Software Craftsmanship Round-table schedule

Wednesday 20th October 2010

  • Software Craftsmanship Round-table

    by Sandro Mancuso

    Have you got code you don't like but don't know why or how to make it better?
    Do you want a second opinion about a design decision?
    Are you struggling to find a good design approach for a specific problem?
    Would you like to share your solution to a specific problem with others?
    Are you wrestling with a big ball of mud?

    Then come along to the second London Software Craftsmanship Community meeting for a round table discussion of our software challenges!

    In this session we'll work in small groups to share code & design challenges - be they from past projects or current ones - looking at causes and discussing possible solutions. So come prepared with as much information as you're able to share about challenges you face and be ready to answer questions and challenge others on their problems.

    Due to limited space this session is restricted to 20 people only. Please RSVP if you're definitely coming. If you change your mind please let us know so that others can take your place.

    At 6:30pm to 8:30pm, Wednesday 20th October