Sessions at Strange Loop 2010 about Groovy and Gradle

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  • Gradle - The Polyglot Build System

    by Ken Sipe

    In the Java build space, first there was ANT, which provided a reliable way to build without an IDE. Then there was Maven, which provided standardization in build life cycles and dependency management. Yet there still seems to be frustrations with maintaining a good build system... whether it is just too much XML or too many POMs. Frankly XML is just limiting as a DSL for describing a build for anything that falls outside of what the original builders of the framework envisioned. Gradle provides a solution that provides convention over configuration approach to the build process and an approach at building that isn't based XML.

    This session assumes no familiarity with Gradle as it introduces this new approach at building projects. It is very helpful to be able to read and understand groovy to get the most from the session. This session will look at multi-language or polyglot projects, as well as integration to ANT and Maven. It will conclude with building custom plugins for the Gradle build process.

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