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Rich Paret

I build and run great teams that build and run great platforms. Currently @crashlytics, formerly @brightcove. bio from Twitter


Database Geek! 'Use documentation as Map, not GPS.' -Me bio from Twitter


Infrastructure Automation for the Masses bio from Twitter

Mandi Walls

Ready, Gold Leader | Click Button Get DevOps bio from Twitter

Dan Harvey

Data Architect @State bio from Twitter

Sam Tunnicliffe

some low-rent loser bio from Twitter

steve o'grady

i helped found RedMonk. if you see someone at a tech conference wearing a Red Sox hat, that's probably me. wrote @newkingmakers. married to @girltuesday. eph. bio from Twitter

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Justin Sheehy
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Geir Magnusson Jr.
Jon Jensen

Interests: open source/free software, PostgreSQL, Perl, Python, Ruby, networking, IPv6, security, scalability, Linux, OpenBSD, Android. bio from Twitter


Senior engineer

Josh Lindsey

Programming the internets bio from Twitter

Matthew Cupples

If I ain't online you can catch me on the 'net. bio from Twitter

Padraic Renaghan

music, technology, java, scalability, performance bio from Twitter

Rich Bowen

Open Source Evangelist at Red Hat. Apache Guy. Community > Code. bio from Twitter

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Tom Cook

Operations Engineer at @Quora, ex @facebook ops, internet addict bio from Twitter

Josh Barratt

Father of 3, Husband of 1, Architect at @SendGrid. Trying to keep things as simple as possible but no simpler. bio from Twitter

Kevin Ahrens

Experienced webops interested in scaling, devops, ruby, high availability, infosec, automation bio from Twitter


Finely crafted web and mobile solutions since 2008. bio from Twitter

Marius Ducea

DevOps Enthusiast | Helping startups overcome infrastructure challenges | Founder and Principal Consultant at @opscale | #infracoders #chef #docker #ruby #aws bio from Twitter

Darrin Eden

Performance Engineer at DigitalOcean

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Christopher Brown

Chief Technical Officer, Opscode bio from Twitter

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Ruslan Belkin

Sr. Director of Engineering at Twitter, Search and Relevance, Best tweets for every user in any context every time bio from Twitter

Mark Imbriaco

VP, Technical Ops at @LivingSocial. Dad to 4 great kids. Student pilot. Ran ops for 37signals and Heroku in past lives. I only speak for myself on Twitter. bio from Twitter

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Miguel Montanez Jr.

A food-loving, Sr. Designer at PBS KIDS Interactive—busy—passionately crafting ‘web thingies’ for your enjoyment. bio from Twitter

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Robert Treat

International speaker on databases, open source, and managing web operations at scale. Major Contributor to Postgres. COO at OmniTI. Hiring! bio from Twitter

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Joe Williams

I run shit at @boundary. I like bikes. bio from Twitter

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Surge 2010

United States United States, Baltimore

30th September to 1st October 2010

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