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Friday 15th October 2010

  • Where did we come from and where are we heading

    by Niels Hartvig

    Join me for a ride down memory lane to understand where Umbraco came from and why and where we're heading today. A good combo of awful looking screenshots of the early Umbraco UI, the horrible first db schemas and all the way to some exclusive things to be unvealed at this wonderful day.

    At 10:30am to 11:30am, Friday 15th October


  • CMSImport 1.1 What's the big deal?

    by rsoeteman

    CMSImport V1.1 should be ready by the time the UK festival starts. In this session we will have a look how CMSImport can help you with importing your data from various data sources into Umbraco. We will also have a look at the new features that makes CMSImport a more reliable and the most flexible import solution.

  • Content Delivery Networks and Umbraco - What are the benefits?

    by Morten Christensen

    This session is about how you, your customer and your customers customers can benefit from using a Content Delivery Network (CDN). I will briefly talk about the various options (Azure, Amazon and Cloud Files) you have to choose from, what the implications of using a CDN is and how it can be integrated into Umbraco for an all round beautiful setup.

  • Did You Know?

    by Douglas Robar

    A fast-paced grab bag of hidden gems, folklore, crazy ideas, and tips for having even more fun with umbraco!

  • Look no hands! Testing automation for Umbracians

    by Tim Saunders

    Techniques to improve quality based around automated testing and coding standards. Covering NUnit and Selenium integration, FXCop, Stylecop and anything else I have time for. Based on some of the strategies we are trying to use at The Cogworks.

  • Mindmaps and your site

    by Chris Houston

    Demonstration of how our MindMap for Umbraco plugin works to import and export data from your site from your favourite Mind Mapping tools.

  • uComponents

    by Lee Kelleher

    An introduction to uComponents and how collaboration works. Plus demonstrations of several data-types

  • Umbraco & nopCommerce

    by Matt Brailsford

    Integrating 3rd party systems with Umbraco

  • Umbraco V5 Progress

    by Alex Norcliffe

    Umbraco 5 is going to become the Umbraco you know and love on the outside, with a leaner body on the inside. In this reasonably techie talk I'll go through some of the architecture choices, and I'm sure at one or two points there'll be Visual Studio and a browser up on screen to show everyone progress so far. It's early days so we'll be looking at the concepts in progress, but Umbraco 5 will be pluggable to the nth degree, so this talk will give a bit of insight into where things are headed and how we're going to get there. For anyone interested in how we maintain a global team I'll also give a quick insight into how we organise the project and explain about some of the upcoming milestones for the rest of 2010.

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