Sessions at Web Directions South 2010 about Learning on Thursday 14th October

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  • Active web development

    by Divya Manian

    Web technologies are evolving at such a frenetic pace that it becomes almost mandatory to learn on your own. A lot of us still depend on other people to do this learning for us, and we tend to use their answers to solve our everyday problems. Inconsistent implementations, rapidly evolving specs, questionable performance impacts and maintenance implications mean we cannot always depend on others for answers but must involve ourselves actively in the process of developing specifications for new Web technologies. But how do we go about it? There are some simple rituals we can all do, which can have us be better-​​informed and also better inform the people and groups who are most directly involved in the development of new Web technologies.

    At 10:45am to 11:40am, Thursday 14th October