Sessions at 10 years SER about B2BUA and SEMS and SBC on Friday 2nd September

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  • SEMS as a B2BUA/SBC for SER-based platforms

    by stefan sayer

    This talk introduces SEMS' SBC application. SEMS SBC is a powerful Back-To-Back User Agent which can be configured in a flexible way to provide SIP firewalling and normalization functions.

    SEMS SBC can be employed
    - at the border of the network for IP peering (NNI)
    - facing the users' CPEs (UNI)
    - as core routing component

    Its profile based configuration, configuration syntax known to SER users, and its good integration with SER/Kamailio/sip-router based proxy setups makes SEMS SBC the SBC/B2BUA of choice for SER-based VoIP networks.

    This talk introduces SEMS, the SBC application, presents its functionality and configuration, and compares the internal architecture of SEMS to SER.

    At 3:30pm to 3:50pm, Friday 2nd September

    Coverage slide deck

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