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Sunday 12th June 2011

  • Anatomy of a Web Redesign

    by Jessica Franken and Rebecca Noran

    Ever your feel your website has gotten out of control? Unreviewed content, extreme visual variation, outdated web practices (say, a dancing garlic animation), pages on new employees who’ve been there 5 years. You want to fix it, but the idea of embarking on a full-scale web redesign seems as likely as winning the lottery.

    To tackle this challenge so many organizations face, University of Minnesota Extension embarked on a program website pilot project: forming a collaborative central and center web team to create a web development process and the tools to support it, while building four pilot websites to understand what’s needed and doable to make a smart, sustainable site.

    Join us as we cover everything from audience understanding; site organization; content review; template development; developing a plan for web evaluation, promotion, and governance; incorporating social media and audience feedback; making cross-unit collaboration work; and designating a program web leader to maintain the investment as we build the pilot sites for Dairy Extension, Master Gardener, Food Safety, and Small Farms.

    At 1:30pm to 2:15pm, Sunday 12th June

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