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  • 15-Minute Showcase Sessions #5

    by Jessica Franken

    Project ordering online - providing transparency and management tools

    In New Mexico we have released the ways of the stone age and have brought the counties and State 4-H office into a world of transparency for the ordering of 4-H projects. Accountability has shifted from the state office to the counties. Self-audits and histories are available at the click of a button. Go through the process of needs assessment, development and deployment with this simple custom application developed in-house using PHP and MySQL.
    A Symphony of Blogs

    By creating a University of Minnesota Extension blog network and template, we found effective methods to deliver traditional news vehicles such as Yard and Garden News and Minnesota Crop News, as well as new approaches to reaching audiences, while reducing the web team’s maintenance. Hear how the blog network functions and get ideas for how the concept can be adapted in a variety of situations.
    Agri-Food and Rural Link - Collaborating Ontario Style - A new approach to university and government collaboration for the mobilization of knowledge

    Is Agriculture Extension in Decline in Ontario as noted in the December 2010 Journal of Extension (Article # 6FEA7. Definitely not! In fact, Ontario is embracing an exciting and innovative approach to extension – the Agri-Food and Rural Link.
    The Agri-Food and Rural Link is a collaboration between the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs (OMAFRA) and University of Guelph. This hub for translating and transferring research is fostering innovation through advancing the synthesis, dissemination and exchange of research knowledge as well as by expanding collaboration efforts between OMAFRA, the University and community partners and stakeholders.
    Our team is developing enhanced resources, knowledge exchange events, and tools that will accelerate the transfer of research knowledge into use across a broad variety of audiences. Agri-Food and Rural Link also offers a funding program to facilitate projects specifically dedicated to knowledge translation and transfer. To date, over 25 knowledge translation and transfer projects have been funded in 2010/2011 covering a broad spectrum of topics. Through Agri-Food and Rural Link, the collaboration between OMAFRA and the University of Guelph is enhancing the ongoing outreach, extension and technology transfer activities that will bring the benefits of research knowledge to Ontario communities.
    Using Facebook in Extension Programming

    The growing trend of social network use creates new opportunities for Extension Educators in how they engage with their audience. The Washington State University Extension Forestry program is using Facebook as part of a broad communication strategy. This effort has been largely successful in engaging more people, increasing interaction (including peer to peer interaction), and generating more interest in and awareness of Extension education programs. WSU Extension Forestry’s experience with Facebook has yielded valuable lessons about how to effectively interact through social networking while maintaining professionalism and not significantly increasing workload. Lessons have also been learned regarding the effectiveness of Facebook versus other social network tools such as Twitter and online groups.

    At 9:15am to 10:15am, Monday 13th June

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