Sessions at AnDevCon II about Honeycomb on Tuesday 8th November

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  • Honeycomb's Sweet UI: Designing For Android Tablets

    by Amanda Zacharski

    Honeycomb was arguably one of the biggest landmarks in the tablet landscape since the birth of the iPad. This operating system re-approached tablet computing with a new UI and represented the first real challenge to iPad's market dominance.

    These new UI elements make Android tablets vastly more usable, particularly in the enterprise space, but also requires designers to add even more to their already fragmented Android knowledgebase. This design-focused class looks at how to make the most of Honeycomb, whether it be an original app or a port from iPad. We will cover:

    • Best practices for utilizing fragments, system bars, action bars and other new UI elements
    • Making the most of Honeycomb's new widget options
    • Sizing and bounding boxes for Honeycomb
    • The importance of naming conventions and how to correctly name files to avoid distorted graphics.

    We will mix lecture with interactive lessons. Students should bring paper, a pencil and their laptops if they are not already very familiar with Android tablets and its design practices. We will be doing some activities in small teams and will provide a few printed copies of the Android Design Guidelines to help participants.

    At 3:45pm to 5:00pm, Tuesday 8th November