Sessions at AnDevCon II about Databases

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Monday 7th November 2011

  • Secure Data and Data Synchronization

    by Lee S. Barney

    Android applications can easily store data using the SQLite database engine. This data can then be heavily used without delays when passing information back-and-forth between the device and a remote database. How then can data be kept in sync if it needs to exist on the device and a remote database? What if you don't need all of the data found in the database to exist on the device?

    This class will show you how to securely store data on your device and use a simple and secure synchronization utility to send that data to any remote database management system. It could be Oracle, MySQL, Sybase, or some other database. It could even be something completely different, such as XML or other textual flat files.

    At 11:30am to 12:45pm, Monday 7th November