Sessions at AnDevCon II with slides on Monday 7th November

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  • Creating ePub Books for Android

    by Jason Mark

    Thinking of writing or creating an eBook? Come to this class to learn what ePub is (hint: It's a limited subset of XHTML), and how Android handhelds and tablets are different from the Kindle. We'll talk about limitations to the format and what types of material lend themselves to ePub. We'll also leave a chunk of time to discuss specific challenges (technical or conceptual) with your eBooks, so bring your questions. Participants will leave this session with a good understanding of what tools are available for creating ePubs, when not to use ePub, and how to submit your ePub book for sale via various channels.

    At 11:30am to 12:45pm, Monday 7th November

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  • Pragmatic Android Layouts

    by Kirill Grouchnikov

    Understanding and mastering the Android layout system is a key factor in helping the user to navigate your application and presenting the relevant information in a clear and consistent way. While some developers seem to be able to effortlessly translate complex wireframes into a collection of flexible, reusable and maintainable layout definitions, others find it much more difficult.

    Foregoing the beginner-level approach that painstakingly takes you through all possible attribute combinations of linear and relative layouts, this class focuses on the underlying principles of identifying the major building blocks of real-life designs and finding pragmatic solutions.

    From extending core layout managers and tweaking a few alignments to writing brand-new layouts that address the specific design requirements, the goal of this session is to present a core collection of techniques that enable creating high-fidelity implementations of even the most challenging wireframes that scale to different screen sizes, ratios and resolutions.

    At 11:30am to 12:45pm, Monday 7th November

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  • SCM for Android Developers Using Git

    by Tony Hillerson

    Whether you work alone or in a team, some sort of source control management is essential for things such as keeping a history of your code, dealing with integrating code, managing releases, and making your development workflow through different features painless.

    If you’re coming from something like CVS or SVN, the open-source Git version control system will turn what you know about SCM on its head. Come learn about why Git is different, and what that difference means to you as an Android developer.

    At 3:15pm to 4:30pm, Monday 7th November

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