Sessions at O'Reilly Android Open Conference about Legal on Monday 10th October

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  • Mobile Platforms, Patents, and Linux in Context

    by Keith Bergelt

    Mobile Linux platforms, particularly Android, have made incredible inroads into the emerging smartphone market. In concert with the market success of mobile Linux platforms, there has been a noticeable increase in patent litigation in the mobile space. Keith Bergelt, CEO of OIN, will discuss these trends and outline things that can be done to protect from patent aggression.

    At 1:30pm to 1:50pm, Monday 10th October

    In Seacliff D, Hyatt Regency San Francisco

  • Understanding Legal Best Practices for Android

    by Karen Copenhaver and Mark Radcliffe

    Android has nineteen licenses, from GPLv2 to Apache. Similarly, Android application developers need to understand and comply with copyright and licenses in developing their apps. This session will discuss the best practices in managing legal issues relating to both Android and apps.

    At 4:10pm to 4:50pm, Monday 10th October

    In Grand Ballroom C, Hyatt Regency San Francisco