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Addy Osmani

Engineering manager working on Chrome and Web at Google. Creator of Yeoman, TodoMVC and Material Design Lite. Passionate about web tooling.

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JavaScript meetup group in Brighton & Hove, UK. Meets every 2nd & 4th Thursday of the month at @68MiddleSt. Tweets by @larister and @chrisnewtn bio from Twitter

David Powell

new product development, ESL, e-learning, mobile learning, information management bio from Twitter

Chris Newton

I program for the web. I mostly tweet observations, musings and opinions on tech, science fiction and video games. Though not necessarily in that order. bio from Twitter

Craig Moore

Set yourself high standards, but don't expect them of others. Drupal, nodejs, 3D, AltSpaceVR SDK. Inglorious weirdo. bio from Twitter

Dan Bohea

Freelance web designer & developer. Drupal / Design & Build. bio from Twitter

Tristan Roddis

Ish. bio from Twitter

Simon Elliott

PAL SECAM bio from Twitter

Andy Parker

the avangelist

Glenn Jones

Exploring semantic mark-up and data portability ideas. Founnder of Madgex. Brighton geek

Dominic Mitchell

Hacker-at-large. Occasional Brightonian. Googler. bio from Twitter

Julian Weaver

Makes, codes, curates, directs and manages stuff

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The Guardian

Top stories, special features, live blogs and more from guardian.co.uk bio from Twitter

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The Skiff

Coworking, desks, meeting rooms, events and workshop spaces for a community of freelancers, mobile workers and small companies in the middle of Brighton. bio from Twitter

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Jim Purbrick

Maker of @facebook, @EveOnline, @SecondLife, @medalernews, @creatarr and @combatcards software and @100robots noise. More at http://jimpurbrick.com bio from Twitter

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Premasagar Rose

Web app programmer (freelance JavaScript / Node.js). Tree planter. Interested in society. Founded @asyncjs, @dharmafly + @L4RP. Ex-Brighton, now remote

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