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Jane Dallaway

Thinks about technology, data and storylines. Is curious. Enjoys crafting, reading, learning & photography. Currently senior developer at @argyllenviro.

James Hugman

Hacker, father, fool; most recently: Android Mozillian, also known for Glastonbury app in 2011 and Kirin: beautiful mobile apps with a Javascript backend bio from Twitter

Arthur Guy

Freelance Web Developer

James Cunningham

18 year old Student and Developer. INTP. Managing Director of @StackBlaze. Also part time Nutritionist, Medical Psychologist and Life Therapist. bio from Twitter

Gemma Hentsch

Roving Django Ronin, Queer Rights Blogger, New Yorker from West Sussex


software and beer. not necessarily in that order. bio from Twitter

Graeme Sutherland

Software Engineer / Maker / Space Holder / Consultant. Founder at @nodestone and @MessageEggs. FRSA. Also @G0WCZ. bio from Twitter

Rich Sage

Senior developer, working remotely for Oxford-based @whiteoctober. @BrightonPHP user group organiser. RAFVR(T) officer with the Air Cadets. Howdy!

Jane Dallaway

Living in Brighton with @d6y & @doggaway. Public account at @janedallaway bio from Twitter

Wendy Armstrong

I make software for .Net and native mobile. I run. Sometimes I do both at the same time. bio from Twitter

Richard Dallaway

I do Scala at Underscore.io - Hobbies: Exoplanets, Cog Sci - Run around with @doggaway bio from Twitter


Lead Developer at @CompletelyNovel and @TiYCookbook ~ Approved by Grandmothers bio from Twitter

Sven Lito

JavaScript Developer and passionate Rock Climber. Proud team member of @hoodiehq and @bower. bio from Twitter

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PGP key - https://pgp.mit.edu/pks/lookup?op=get&search=0x409DD5459894AA42 bio from Twitter

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making @readmill bio from Twitter

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The Skiff

Coworking, desks, meeting rooms, events and workshop spaces for a community of freelancers, mobile workers and small companies in the middle of Brighton. bio from Twitter

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JavaScript meetup group in Brighton & Hove, UK. Meets every 2nd & 4th Thursday of the month at @68MiddleSt. Tweets by @larister and @chrisnewtn bio from Twitter

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Premasagar Rose

Web app programmer (freelance JavaScript / Node.js). Tree planter. Interested in society. Founded @asyncjs, @dharmafly + @L4RP. Ex-Brighton, now remote

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