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Dean Holden

Senior FE Developer

Dean Holden

Front-end dev. I build web stuff (HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript). Up the Dale.

Dan Skinner

Head of Design & UX, FT.com

Søren Birkemeyer

Fixing the interwebs, one bug at a time.

Patu Tifinger

visual artist / UX / UI designer | art is code . code is art bio from Twitter

Luke Murphy

Antipodean creative, sitting somewhere between design, development and digital PR. Co-founder of Wax & Stamp and DJ/promoter at Early Doors Disco


The unofficial official Microsoft blog for developers who love the web. bio from Twitter

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Tom Hughes-Croucher

I make things reliable at Uber

Søren Birkemeyer

I work and play at webfactory bio from Twitter

Alexandre Morgaut

Former W3C member. Wiztivi Web Architect. Organized JS.everywhere(). Launched NantesJS. Loves NoSQL SSJS REST Ergonomics Accessibility Security GreenIT

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Web Directions

Truly great conferences and workshops for the web industry. bio from Twitter

Ben Barnett

Technimolologist in London. bio from Twitter

Nick Howes

From Russia With Love Actually. Howes it going? bio from Twitter


I'd love to mix in circles, cliques and social coteries bio from Twitter

Steven O'Keefe

Web developer, who loves all things css3, PHP, Wordpress, ExpressionEngine etc... loves the 80's and a good comic bio from Twitter

Andrea Ertel

Web developer : HTML, CSS, jQuery, TYPO3, Web standards bio from Twitter

Phil Barrow

Gooner, designer, husband, father, cyclist, wannabe musician/DJ... now is that the right order again? bio from Twitter

David Lewis

Husband, dog owner and web developer. My writing-related tweets can be found at @thedkpaterson. bio from Twitter

Toni Barrett

Front-end developer & Wordpress wrangler through tonibarrett.com & Black House Media. UI dev for @StarNow

Johan Hallberg

Web Developer and lead Interaction Designer at Sveriges Television. Passionate about making the web responsive, more accessible, more humane and more useful. bio from Twitter

David Eglin

UX / Javascript Dev for Connect.Digital - The digital arm of Connect Advertising. Perfectionist, music lover and sarcastic git. bio from Twitter


Interactive/web producer, online content editor, mobile app developer, artist and music-lover. bio from Twitter


designer/webdeveloper, @latermarkapp (Win8), cssutils (Python)

Niels M. Frederiksen

Webdesign, HTML/CSS, Studio Scale modeling, Star Wars, Battlestar Galactica.. you name it. bio from Twitter

julia lindberg

Webbutvecklare på SVT bio from Twitter


Rock guitarist and gentleman adventurer from a land before time. See also @indigodown bio from Twitter

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