Sessions at Breaking Development 2011 on Tuesday 12th April

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  • Mobile First

    by Luke Wroblewski

    More often than not, the mobile experience for a web application or site is designed and built after the PC version is complete. This talk outlines the key reasons this approach needs to be reversed. Now.

    At 8:30am to 9:30am, Tuesday 12th April

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  • Fake it 'til you make it: creating mobile apps that feel like native apps.

    by Jonathan Snook

    This session will look at the process of creating a web app that feels more like a native app, from how to approach style, CSS, what JavaScript APIs are available and look at developing apps across iOS, webOS, and Android.

    At 9:40am to 10:40am, Tuesday 12th April

  • Real World Responsive Design

    by Stephen Hay

    With increasing interest in mobile, “responsive design” is a hot topic. Ethan Marcotte's article for A List Apart started an avalanche of discussion about the use of media queries in taking adaptive layout to the next level. The discussion exposed some misunderstanding among designers and developers about the importance of media queries and ultimately the meaning of design. Find out which design questions need to be answered before creating truly responsive designs and which tools are currently available to develop them.

    At 10:50am to 11:50am, Tuesday 12th April

  • A Perfect Storm: When Mobile Met The Cloud

    by Brian Alvey

    When Brian Alvey and his team set out to build another enterprise-grade content management platform, they expected the focus would be on traditional websites like Crowd Fusion's first customer, TMZ. However, breakthroughs in both mobile technology and cloud computing have resulted in Crowd Fusion powering mobile apps like Best Buy's Tecca and News Corp's ground-breaking tablet-only news publication, The Daily.

    Brian will share behind-the-scenes stories about publishing for mobile apps in the cloud and show how you can capitalize on convergence.

    At 1:20pm to 2:50pm, Tuesday 12th April

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  • The Enyo Framework: Designing for Mobile Apps and Speed

    by Ben Combee

    In the process of reinventing webOS for the next generation of mobile devices, the framework group in the HP group at Palm has built a new framework, Enyo. The core idea is to make an application-centric tool with the goal of being as fast as possible and for scaling UI elements for the range of screen sizes from tiny smartphones to expansive tablets. This talk would look at the design decisions made in creating Enyo and the lessons learned from running a entire mobile platform on JavaScript, and would also include demos of Enyo code taking advantage of different screen sizes and its use in desktop Webkit-based browsers.

    At 1:55pm to 2:55pm, Tuesday 12th April

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  • Building Rich user experiences with Sencha Touch

    by David Kaneda

    Sencha Touch is a mobile web app framework that allows developers to create rich mobile apps which look and feel native. In addition to a robust set of UI components, Sencha Touch offers an object-oriented MVC architecture, data stores/models, and a flexible theming system. David Kaneda will cover the benefits of Sencha Touch and take a brief look at how to develop amazing mobile apps using only JavaScript, HTML, and CSS3.

    At 3:05pm to 4:05pm, Tuesday 12th April

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  • Taxonomy of Touch

    by Nate Koechley

    A discussion of the elements of touch primitives, gestures and semantics, laying a foundation for the broader language of touch interactions that drive the emerging class of portable devices. Including a discussion and assessment of the W3C's Touch Events Specification development.

    At 4:15pm to 5:15pm, Tuesday 12th April