Sessions at Breaking Development 2011: Nashville about Responsive Design

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Monday 12th September 2011

  • Pragmatic Responsive Design

    by Stephanie Rieger

    Any day now, there will be no going back. By 2013 mobile Internet use is expected to exceed that from the desktop and eventually, ‘mobile’ will be just one of those words like digital and interactive. We still use them…but we’re not quite sure why.

    Between now and then, we have lots to figure out. While I’m as giddy as the next person that I can finally use media queries, I’m not so sure there’s value in jettisoning all the concepts and techniques we used in pre-iPhone. The way I see it, anything is fair game if it helps far more than it hurts—and you understand why you’re using it.

    This presentation will be part case study, part lessons learned, and part future thinking. What problems are being addressed through responsive design, and where is it falling down? What tools and techniques can we use to fill the gaps, and are these tools sustainable? How should we adapt our planning, design and production workflows? I also can’t help but think there are things lurking we’ve barely talked about…so i’ll try to dig a few of those up as well.

    At 10:15am to 11:15am, Monday 12th September

Tuesday 13th September 2011

  • Client-Side Adaptation

    by John Boxall

    Face it, making mobile sites is fun! What developer wouldn’t like a second chance? A chance to cast off the shackles of the desktop web, tackle old business problems from a fresh perspective and experiment with new technologies on cutting edge browsers. This time, we’re going to get it right!

    Traditionally, making a mobile site means creating a separate mobile codebase. How do you backport mobile success to your desktop experience? And how should you maintain feature consistency between your two sites moving forward?

    HTML5 technologies offer the potential to reuse existing code across different platforms.

    Learn how to create a fantastic mobile experiences without doubling your development effort.

    At 9:00am to 10:00am, Tuesday 13th September

  • Responsive and Responsible

    by Scott Jehl

    Websites and apps that are usable regardless of how they're accessed has long been an expectation of web users, and would offer enormous benefits to businesses and users alike. Yet as web developers, our desire to push our medium and to design for the latest browsers and technologies can at times seem at odds with this goal. Fortunately, if we approach our projects with both of these goals -- taking advantage of the most advanced technologies, and delivering an experience that works for everyone -- as a priority from the beginning, we may not need to compromise!

    In this talk, Scott will detail some of the patterns, tools and techniques that enable projects such as the forthcoming BostonGlobe.com and jQuery Mobile to truly work in any browser or device -- albeit in different ways that cater to each browser's capabilities and device's physical constraints. Audience members will learn some workflows for building rich web experiences that are "mobile-first" from a technical standpoint, and perhaps more importantly, understand how to leave no experience feeling like it was "second."

    At 11:30am to 12:30pm, Tuesday 13th September