Sessions at Big Design Conference 2011 about Mobile on Saturday 16th July

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  • 2nd Day Opening Keynote: "Buttons Are a Hack"

    by Josh Clark

    Fingers and thumbs turn design conventions on their head. Touchscreen interfaces create ergonomic, contextual, and even emotional demands that are unfamiliar to desktop designers. Find out why our beloved desktop windows, buttons, and widgets are weak replacements for manipulating content directly, and learn practical principles for designing mobile interfaces that are both more fun and more intuitive. Along the way, discover why buttons are a hack, how to develop your gesture vocabulary, and why toys and toddlers provide eye-opening lessons in this new style of design.

    Also: cats in tanks, and Hasseloff with puppies.

    At 9:00am to 10:00am, Saturday 16th July

  • Social Power + Mobile Gaming = Big Bag of Awesome

    by Matt Johnson

    With over 425,000 apps currently on the iTunes app store, unless your name is Zynga, EA or Gameloft or you have a million dollar marketing budget, your odds of success in mobile gaming is dicey at best. This presentation will cover game changers like:

    • What are the fundamental under pinnings of a great mobile game
    • How to leverage the power of brand to move up the charts fast
    • Put the odds in your favor and radically change the potential success curve

    Matt Johnson, Executive Producer for Thruster (a division of Bottle Rocket Apps - www.bottlerocketapps.com), will discuss the two most important stages of any game development cycle and present a case study comparison of two of their most popular games and lessons learned from two different marketing strategies.

    Thruster has designed and developed games with their Propulsion platform that have been downloaded over 2,000,000 times since the inception of the iTunes App Store. This success has attracted a host of emerging social brands that want to bring a new level of engagement to their millions of YouTube, Facebook and Twitter fans. Thruster continues to fuel this demand by moving brands like Annoying Orange, Freddie Wong, Fred, iJustine and Counting Crows to a new level of social entertainment on a multitude of gaming platforms.

    At 3:00pm to 4:00pm, Saturday 16th July

  • Mobile & UX: Inside the Eye of the Perfect Storm

    by Jared M. Spool

    The world of web application design is expanding at a rapid rate. We’re now expected to design great experiences across a huge variety of platforms, from small screens to large displays. The flood of mobile applications and successful online businesses are showing our executives that design matters.

    Why is all this happening now? Where is it all going? UIE’s own Jared Spool will show you how four driving forces—market maturity, the emergence of experience, Kano’s model, and Sturgeon’s Law—are increasing the visibility and value of design in organizations everywhere. He’ll show you what the next generation of design teams will look like and how you’ll get there.

    At 5:00pm to 6:00pm, Saturday 16th July