Sessions at Big Design Conference 2011 about Usability and Surveys on Friday 15th July

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  • Usability Benchmarking with Surveys

    by Ryan Smith

    Surveys are just now being implemented with regularity in the usability profession. While market research has been using survey tools for years, usability professionals have not overwhelmingly embraced them. Instead, usability professionals have opted for direct data collected through usability lab-based studies, personal interviews, and field studies.

    In this talk, you will learn about the advantages of surveys for data collection. You will also learn about many of the new features that can help you to augment the existing studies that you are doing. We will show real-world examples of how designs have changed based upon feedback from surveys. Finally, we will talk about how surveys can inform your design decisions immediately and long-tail for future designs.

    At 11:00am to 12:00pm, Friday 15th July