Sessions at Big Design Conference 2011 about Design and Mobile

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Friday 15th July 2011

  • Designing For Flexibility: How We Built An iPhone & Android Event Marketing Platform That Can Change Quickly With Our Customers

    by Nikhil Nilakantan

    My company builds custom branded mobile applications for events and professional organizations. Our clients come from varying industries and have varying needs - from the largest arts district in the country, to the second largest holiday parade in the country; from an internationally known rock band, to the wicked cool design conference that we are all attending today. This talk will explain how we built our mobile application platform to not only support our clients diverse needs but also maintain our team's sanity during the process. We will cover topics such as design patterns, tradeoffs between client (i.e. mobile) and server side functionality, and best practices when designing for change.

    At 1:00pm to 2:00pm, Friday 15th July