Sessions at Microsoft BUILD 2011 about Hyper-V and Windows ServerĀ 8

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Wednesday 14th September 2011

  • Using Windows Server 8 for building private and public IaaS clouds

    by Sandeep Singhal, Jeff Woolsey and Yigal Edery

    Windows Server 8 is the first operating system to be optimized to support Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) for building private and public clouds. With Windows Server 8, customers will be able to build scalable and flexible clouds, rapidly migrate their existing apps and services, and efficiently manage and monitor the cloud. With hundreds of new features in Hyper-V, encompassing networking, storage and more, Windows Server 8 creates several new opportunities for software, hardware and solution partners, as well as hosters, to extend and manage clouds. This session provides an overview of how Windows Server 8 enables IaaS and the rich, new development opportunities provided by the release.

    At 2:00pm to 3:00pm, Wednesday 14th September

    In 207 B, Anaheim Convention Center

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  • A deep dive into Hyper-V networking

    by Pankaj Garg and See-Mong Tan

    With Windows Server 8, Hyper-V networking is optimized for public and private clouds. New features in Windows Server 8 expand Hyper-V for performance, reliability, scale and security. In this session, server and solution developers will learn how to enhance their server and networking product offerings to take full advantage of these capabilities to provide performant and cost-effective customer solutions.

    At 3:30pm to 4:30pm, Wednesday 14th September

    In 207 B, Anaheim Convention Center

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  • Extending the Hyper-V switch

    by Luis Hernandez and Bob Combs

    With the proliferation of virtualization, hypervisor customers are demanding integrated protection, consistent management, the ability to add virtual appliances and to tailor virtual switches to their networks. Switch plug-ins must be able to work together, have consistent management interfaces, and support migration to other hosts without breaking SLAs. In Windows Server 8, the Hyper-V switch is extensible for partners, who can build security, monitoring, and switching add-ons using well-known Windows APIs and development tools to quickly provide value-add solutions for enterprise and cloud deployments. This session will describe what partners need to know to successfully extend the Hyper-V switch.

    At 5:00pm to 6:00pm, Wednesday 14th September

    In 207 B, Anaheim Convention Center

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Friday 16th September 2011

  • Building continuously available systems with Hyper-V

    by Brian Dewey

    Come learn how Hyper-V leverages modern hardware! Customers demand continuous availability from Hyper-V deployments. In the next version of Windows Server, Hyper-V can use many modern hardware features to deliver better availability and scalability to customers. This session will cover the server, network, and storage features you can include in system designs to deliver great Hyper-V solutions across a wide range of deployment possibilities.

    At 9:00am to 10:00am, Friday 16th September

    In 210 B, Anaheim Convention Center

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