Sessions at Books in Browsers 2011 about Publishing with slides and video

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Friday 28th October 2011

  • The Beauty of Web-first Workflows

    by Hugh McGuire

    Making a book should be no harder than making a website. What is a book, after all, but a special class of website that happens to have a history of being displayed in purpose-built, paper-based browsers?

    Why do we expect frameworks for building websites to output websites that are compatible with multiple browsers, whereas building books … is still a giant shambles as soon as you need to satisfy interoperability with multiple paper and non-paper browsers.

    It shouldn’t be any harder to make a standards compliant book that will work in paper and non paper browsers, and some solutions to this problem should be found in the success of web-based web building frameworks, and CMSs.

    At 9:00am to 10:00am, Friday 28th October

  • It may be a mob, but it’s my mob

    by Richard Nash

    I’ll offer comprehensive analytics on RedLemona.de the site, as well as on our sales data, and provide an overview of the responses to the site by users regular and casual, giving the BiB audience a picture of a new model publisher in action. The magic of books sometimes is very quotidian, just the day-to-day accretion of comments, purchases, submissions, of writing, of reading, of editing… However the changes in expectations brought about by these changes on the culture of publishing should prove to be very far reaching, the net effect over several years being quite transformative.

    At 10:15am to 11:15am, Friday 28th October

  • Self Publishing Tools and APIs

    by Miral Sattar

    BiblioCrunch.com is a digital platform that empowers writers and publishers to create and market their own digital books and bookazines. We’re working on a crowdsourced model where anyone can create a book and get help from the community to create the best possible book. We recognize that good books not only need good content, but also superior editing, strong marketing, a well-designed and eye-catching cover, and an interested audience.

    We are exploring the value of socializing the interaction between readers, bloggers, authors, students, writers, journalists, publishers, editors, and designers. We are also exploring the value of digital book clubs for a specific author, genre, publisher, or topic. The cloud is where the future of the books lie.

    At 10:15am to 11:15am, Friday 28th October