Developing and Selling your Own Mobile Phone Applications schedule

Monday 7th March 2011

  • Introduction to the Mobile Application Ecosystem

    by bookmeister and Ben Trewhella

    The team at Mulaboo give us a complete guide to mobile apps.

    Delivering apps commercially (Ben Trewella)
    An introduction to Mubaloo, an app development agency
    The marketplace for mobile app services
    A Purposeful App (Gemma Ravensdale)
    What makes a purposeful app
    The role of an app in marketing to consumer and business audiences
    Meeting commercial targets, gaining momentum and proving performance
    Design for Mobile (Eli Newman)
    From UX to UI – Smart Application Design
    Mobile Apps for Enterprise (Ben Trewhella)
    The role of mobile apps in the enterprise
    Integration with corporate IT
    Distributing and controlling mobile apps
    Chris Brook of bardowl then gives us An overview of the mobile apps ecosystem

    How we got here, history of mobile apps.
    The different platforms. J2ME, Symbian, Meego, iOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows, Bada, WAC, JIL, W3C.
    Other developer platforms. Sencha, phoneGap, Appcellerator. App Statistics.
    Different strategies for mobile app development.
    A look to the future, what playforms might win out in the end?

    At 7:00pm to 9:00pm, Monday 7th March

Monday 14th March 2011

  • Mobile Application Development

    by Stuart Scott and kgutteridge

    Everything you need to know about developing an app: operating systems, development languages, SDK's etc. And how to test your application.

    Android + iPhone application development
    So you have an app idea, how are you going to take this idea and actually get a working application on a handset. Which platform should you develop for? what are some of the highlights and lowlights that you will encounter with the different SDKS, is native application development necessarily the right way to go?

    At 7:00pm to 9:00pm, Monday 14th March

Monday 21st March 2011

  • Distinguishing your mobile application

    by Alasdair Allan and Tom Melamed

    Continuing on from the development session but you will learn more about the types of features that you may want to use to distinguish your application e.g. GPS, actuator, compass, building an attractive GUI, etc.

    First Alasdair Allan will guide you through developing applications for the iPhone that make use of the on-board sensors: the three-axis accelerometer, the magnetometer (digital compass), the camera and the global positioning system. You’ll learn how to make use of these on-board sensors and combine them to build augmented reality applications. This will give you the background to building your own applications independently using the hottest location-aware technology yet for any mobile platforms.

    Then Tom Melamed shows us a world full of HD, 3D and stereo in a way that no app will ever be. But with the correct use of context you can weave the real world and your app together to create a rich and fully immersive experience that goes far beyond pushing some buttons on a screen. This talk will provide an introduction to creating those kind of apps, with examples.

    Alasdair Allan is the author of Learning iPhone Programming and Programming iPhone Sensors published by O'Reilly Media. He is a senior research fellow in Astronomy at the University of Exeter. As part of his work there he is building a distributed peer-to-peer network of telescopes which, acting autonomously, will reactively schedule observations of time-critical events. Notable successes include contributing to the detection of the most distant object yet discovered, a gamma-ray burster at a redshift of 8.2.

    Alasdair also runs a small technology consulting business writing bespoke software, building open hardware and providing training. He sporadically writes blog posts about things that interest him, or more frequently provides commentary about them in 140 characters or less.

    Tom Melamed is Product Director at Calvium. A company that specialises in helping people to create rich location aware apps, through consultancy and tools. Before this Tom has been a researcher at Hewlett-Packard Laboratories, a Research Assistant at Bristol University and an engineer for a smart card solutions provider. He was one of the developers of mscape and Mobile Bristol. He specialises in mobile client development and sensor development and integration. He holds an MSc in Computer Science and a BSc in Physics.

    At 7:00pm to 9:00pm, Monday 21st March

Monday 28th March 2011

  • Marketing and selling your application

    by Rick Chapman and Ian Pond

    Apps Marketing on a shoe string! (Ian Pond)

    Without the vast marketing budgets of network operators, the reality for most app companies is creating maximum bang for minimal bucks. This is made all the more difficult by the almost endless choice of apps the consumer has to choose from. How can practitioners make progress under these challenging conditions?

    Show me the money! (Rick Chapman)

    Creating an app is often the easy part. Monetizing it is a significant challenge. With an increasing numbers of apps on a plethora of platforms and an expanding range of stores, how can you create a revenue stream from your app? We've all heard the stories of people becoming overnight millionaires with a simple idea, but what are the alternate strategies to trusting to blind luck and pushing an app out there?

    At 7:00pm to 9:00pm, Monday 28th March