Brixton Tech Meetup attendee directory

Alexandra Deschamps-Sonsino

founder of @GNLteam / designer of #iot projects and co-organiser of #iotlondon and @openiot / ex CEO @tinkerlondon

Alex Stapleton

Gauche. Chaotic good. I do things. @makinglyst. Computers. Free software. Enough crypto to be dangerous. Full communism. How can I help you? bio from Twitter

Nicky Smyth

By day: BBC R&D. By night: @leancamp Founder. Business Models, Innovation, Design Thinking, Strategy, Insight & UX. bio from Twitter

Mamading Ceesay

Re-designing society one domain at a time, today work, tomorrow the world! bio from Twitter


hobbies: being silly; feeding the world to software; No DMs; irrational hate of bevels; free range programmer. py/js/cljs/clj bio from Twitter

Kristina Glushkova

Empowerment, empathy, creativity. Research impact @RoyalHolloway. Co-founder @makerhood, @hubbrixton and other stuff. bio from Twitter

Brock Craft

interactivity, infoviz, nixie tubes, & collapsing architecture bio from Twitter


I specialise in cynical SEO, Topshop and Sav Blanc. Not necessarily in that order.

Josh Green

Jack of Photoshop, master of web. bio from Twitter

Rachel Coldicutt

Digital strategist and executive producer.

Morena Fiore

Web Developer, jewellery maker @my_kodes, foodie and @webstandards co-organiser http://kodesaccessories.etsy.com bio from Twitter

Gordon Atwell

Photographer, Gigapanographer Technologist,Conceptionist,Visionist.3D Evangelist, 3D Interaction Designer, Correspondent @ http://techfluff.tv bio from Twitter

Ben Burry

Intense peril and disturbing images. Bake as a noun. bio from Twitter

Richard Pope

you are probably looking for @richardjpope bio from Twitter


Educational technologist, games designer, organiser of the London Educational Games Meetup, Founder of edugameshub.com

Mark Mitchell

He was a man of many nations. Digital Designer and UI Developer. bio from Twitter

johanna kollmann

Freelance product manager, user researcher, information architect. UX, agile, systems thinking, collaboration, live music, literature, hiking, kayaking. bio from Twitter

Maureen Evans

I measure out my life in senryu: haiku of human foibles. Regarding existence as a writer, and the Occupational Hazards of Poets. bio from Twitter


Entrepreneur and cad. Loves a good pun, parlay and pint. Lindy hoppers and squash players also appreciated. Proud to live and work in #Brixton. bio from Twitter

Matt Lucht

Enjoy helping people make things on the internet. Have a camera I don't use enough. Often found listening to music about whisky, heartbreak and tattoos.

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Fiddian Warman

Digital & social innovation in play, learning and art. Founder at @sodacreates @makersguild & @awesomelon bio from Twitter

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Blaine Cook

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