Sessions at CloudBeat 2011 about Storage on Thursday 1st December

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  • Understanding the true cost of storage

    by Kevin Brown, Jérôme Lecat, Andreas Sundquist, Andrew Reichman, Dan Crain and David Cerf

    From cloud-based file storage to enterprise storage arrays and the latest solid state innovations, we are presented with a dizzying number of options when selecting the right place to keep our data. Some are characterized as “cheap,” others “easy” and still others “fast,” but it is proving increasingly difficult to seriously examine the available options to arrive at the rather more elusive “best.” There is, of course, no single answer to “best,” but there are a common set of criteria that can be evaluated in order to reach the most sensible decision for your particular circumstances. How much data are you storing, how often does it change, what does your current infrastructure look like, etc. In this panel, sponsored by Scality, startup companies representing very different aspects of the storage market will come together to shed light upon the issues… and the opportunities. Aided by real numbers on the cost of storage, the panel will get past the hype and the traditionally simple polarisation of different storage technologies to answer the difficult questions and to admit that, sometimes, their particular product may not be “best” for you.

    At 11:15am to 12:10pm, Thursday 1st December

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