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  • Decision Triggers – Brain Science & Conversion

    by André Morys and Mike Potts

    We think people make online decisions based on logic and rational thinking, but research on unconscious mental processing shows that whether people decide to register, buy, or take action on a site depends mostly on unconscious factors. Andre Morys will explore what neuroscience can tell us about the brain and the decision making process and explain how this impacts website conversions.

    At 9:30am to 10:15am, Thursday 1st December

  • Keynote: Praxeology – Lessons from a lost science

    by Rob Jackson and Rory Sutherland

    Advertising and communication has changed immeasurably over the last twenty years. But our tools for understanding people and brands remain largely trapped in the 1970s – if that. Can a missing science fill in some of the gaping gaps in our knowledge?

    At 10:45am to 11:30am, Thursday 1st December

  • Campaign Management and its effect on the conversion rate

    by Alan Coleman and Mike Potts

    When does a lower average page position actually deliver more conversions? How do people react and convert differently to text, image and video ad formats? What exactly is the relationship between Impression Share and Conversions? CEO of OnlineAdvertising.ie, Alan Coleman, will provide you with a key overview of campaign management and the effect it has on your conversion rates. This session will focus specifically on Google Ad Words and will therefore be of particular interest to those currently using the programme.

    At 11:30am to 12:00pm, Thursday 1st December

  • The top 6 Email conversion mistakes nearly everyone makes

    by Rob Kerry and John Ekman

    E-mail marketers struggle hard to reach world-class opening rates. In another part of the corporate world Web site managers try to thrust conversion rates to new highs. The end result of this “un-cooperation” is run of the mill campaigns with no clear conversion objectives. John Ekman , aka Chief Conversionista, will try to bring the two together and explore how Conversion focused email campaigns could and should be set up.

    Bring your own campaigns and ideas, throw them into the big email conversion blender of this session.

    At 11:30am to 12:30pm, Thursday 1st December

  • Engaging Content… that converts

    by Mike Potts and Richard Falconer

    Learn the latest content marketing methodology and technology to turn more browsers into believers and buyers. This is an advanced session for those that understand that content is the driver of conversion rates. You’ll discover how to create content that engages readers and keeps them coming back for more, and how to distribute your content to generate increased traffic.

    At 12:00pm to 12:30pm, Thursday 1st December

  • CRO Case Study: How and why Domino’s Pizza adopted CRO techniques

    by Paul Francis and Jim Sterne

    How many times have you presented to the board, for one of the Directors to turn round and say ‘But my view is ….’. Introducing the concept of CRO was a first step we took to move away from personal opinions and subjective discussions to objective decisions informed by testing. Paul will take you through the journey Domino’s Pizza has been on, also drawing on his time at Easy Jet to explain how best to sell in this approach to your organisation and how you can use it to optimise your website against business objectives.

    At 1:30pm to 2:15pm, Thursday 1st December

  • 10 E-Commerce bloopers you don’t want to make, but probably are…

    by Michael Summers and Mike Potts

    Michael has watched over 1000 web and mobile device purchases. He’ll demonstrate 10 of the top usability mistakes that cause users to leave your website and shop elsewhere. Come see specific eyetracking video examples of UI characteristics that stop users in their tracks – and learn how to avoid them.

    At 2:20pm to 3:15pm, Thursday 1st December

  • Understanding and Acting on Conversion Metrics

    by Rob Kerry and Martin Newman

    You’ve collected the metrics but what are they telling you about why your customers aren’t converting? In this session Martin Newman takes a look at this important question and discusses what things you should be measuring, which key conversion levers you should be focussing on and what other key opportunities exist, other than usability, to drive conversion. The workshop will include live site reviews, demonstrating some of the key issues.

    At 2:20pm to 3:15pm, Thursday 1st December

  • The Top Tool Kit of the Conversion Experts

    by Craig Sullivan, Ben Jesson and Mike Potts

    Which tools work best for which purpose? Are the most expensive tools really the best or is a combination of free or low-cost web-based tools just as effective? Ever wondered which tools the conversion veterans use? In this session our conversion optimisation veterans give you a unique insight into their very own toolbox.

    At 3:45pm to 4:45pm, Thursday 1st December

  • User Experience & Design for Conversion

    by Phil Guilfoyle and Nikki Rae

    Design has been a powerful influencer for thousands of years. Learn how you can increase conversions by using colour, shape, grouping, placement, and other design principles to establish credibility, clarify your message, engage visitors, and drive action on your site. Discover how Information Architecture, best practices in usability, and the right design can decrease your bounce rates. This presentation provides design examples as well as techniques for testing why users leave your site.

    At 3:45pm to 4:45pm, Thursday 1st December

  • Rapid Fire: Live Landing Page Critiques

    by Stephen Pavlovich, Rob Jackson, Paul Rouke and Rob Kerry

    Your landing page stinks – it’s just a question of degree. Bring your URL and our experts will give you some quick and actionable tips to immediately improve performance. Guaranteed to be an educational and entertaining session.

    At 4:45pm to 5:30pm, Thursday 1st December

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