Sessions at Content Strategy Forum 2011 about Agile and Content Strategy on Tuesday 6th September

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  • Agile and content strategy

    by Lisa M. Moore

    Agile is rapidly becoming a preferred way of approaching customer experience development, and its advantages are well discussed among designers, developers, and project managers in the user experience community. As the discipline of content strategy continues to emerge, and content strategists play increasingly important roles in user-focused projects, it's inevitable that content strategists will need to come to grips with the agile approach.

    In her presentation, Lisa will highlight the benefits and challenges associated with a content-centric agenda within an agile context, and will suggest ways content strategists can work more effectively on agile teams by applying some best-practice recommendations emerging from the user experience community.

    What you'll learn:
    1. Frontline insights of being a content strategist working in an agile project
    2. The pros and cons of 'agile' content strategy
    3. Tips for adapting content strategy to the agile approach

    At 12:30pm to 12:50pm, Tuesday 6th September