Sessions at Content Strategy Forum 2011 about Learning and Content Strategy

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Tuesday 6th September 2011

  • How content strategy supports learning

    by Tyler Tate

    We learn things every day, often without thinking about it. We explore, interact with each other and share ideas as we make decisions online.

    Learning is at the heart of user experience; it’s behind almost all of the web's transactions, from ordering a book to booking a flight. And content is at the heart of learning.

    We’ll look at research from the fields of psychology and education to better understand the learning process. Then we’ll delve into how we can turn this insight into practical design and content strategies.

    What you'll learn:
    1. What learning has to do with user experience.
    2. The six stages of learning.
    3. How to apply learning to design and content strategy.

    At 10:20am to 10:40am, Tuesday 6th September

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