Sessions at Content Strategy Forum 2011 about Budget on Tuesday 6th September

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  • Small budget, big difference.

    by Relly Annett-Baker

    It’s not only large organisations that need help with content strategy. Everyone has a content problem. Every designer, developer, and project manager has a project that looks nice but sounds awful—with the added bonus of no budget to fix it.

    What skills and techniques can we use with small projects and modest budgets to ensure a better outcome? What can we teach designers and developers so that they feel confident advocating the value of content, and teaching their clients and bosses that content strategy is important?

    Relly will share her experiences of finding, creating, and using techniques like these with web teams full of designers and developers.

    What you'll learn:
    1. Why the web-maker-happeners are important to content strategy and why we need their help.
    2. Why content is still a block and how we can use “show and tell” to make it easier.
    3. Skills, tools, and techniques to build a web team member’s content confidence.

    At 12:30pm to 12:50pm, Tuesday 6th September