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Ramesh Bajgain

Trekking And Tours operator at Nepal Holiday Treks And Tours Pvt. Ltd

Alla Kholmatova

Interaction designer at @FutureLearn. Always in the mood to talk about design systems. bio from Twitter

cheryl gallaway

Designer @madgex ✐


Product Designer, Facebook


UX Designer / Front End Web Developer | User Experience | Accessibility

Alec Rust

Front-end developer and lover of all things tech, currently working for @umg

Dan Govan

UX developer, photographer, geek. Hello!

Jane Dallaway

Thinks about technology, data and storylines. Is curious. Enjoys crafting, reading, learning & photography. Currently senior developer at @argyllenviro.

Dan Scotton

Working at the BBC on Responsive News. Front-end web developer and user experience designer. bio from Twitter

Phil Hawksworth

Web geek, skier, coffee lover, bad dancer. Technical Director at R/GA

Anthony Williams

Geek. Dad. Code Wrangler. Black Belt Karateka. Mini-Conf and Meetup Organiser. Amateur podcaster. Sarcastic SOB. Overall Nice guy.

Stuart Gibson

Web Developer with the PHPs and the SQLs and the HTMLs bio from Twitter

Sophie Barrett

Cat lover, devourer of books, has a dirty laugh.

Emma Smith

Likes drawing, making up stories and mountain biking adventures http://www.adventures-in-bikepacking.tumblr.com One half of Hatch http://thisishatch.co.uk bio from Twitter

Jessica Hall

Research & UX manager, User Interaction Design graduate, interested in researching and improving user experiences. And cooking and cats.

Arjan Eising

For a moment, nothing happened. Then, after a second or so, nothing continued to happen. bio from Twitter

Katherine Cory

Freelance web designer & Drupal front-end developer based in Derby and Manchester, voted one of the Drum's top 100 freelancers. bio from Twitter

becky jennings

Interaction/UX web designer @whiteoctober. Loves typography, pens, road trips, baking and Scandinavia. bio from Twitter

Cole Henley

Bearded, recovering archaeologist, socialist, feminist, teacher, father of two, #mufc and technical director at @asclearasmud 🇪🇺✊🏻 bio from Twitter

Kylie Wilson

Web developer, map & data science geek, photographer, sailor, & travelling nomad. bio from Twitter

Joanna Chlasta

Web designer & developer, writer-publisher - interested in PHP, NodeJS, UX, web apps, vampires, dragons & cats. bio from Twitter


Design with web fonts in your browser. A handy service created by @designbyfront

Marc Sibley

Designer of interactive things bio from Twitter

Cindy Li

Just me,Cindy Li.My other 1/2 is @themattharris. Staff Product Designer for Flickr iPhone. bio from Twitter

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